domingo, 23 de agosto de 2009

Segue aqui algumas músicas da LP:

1- Papercut
2-One step closer
3-With you
4-Points of authority
7-By myself
8-In the end
9-A place for my head
11-Cure for the itch
12- Pushing me away
13- Foreword
14-Don´t stay
15- Somewhere I belong
16-Lying from you
17-Hit the floor
18-Easier to run
20- Figure 0.9
21- Breaking the Habit
22- From the inside
23- Nobody´s listening
24- Session
25- Numb
26- Wake
27- Given up
28- Leave out all the rest
29- Bleed it out
30- Shadow of the day
31- What i´ve done
32- Hands held high
33- No more sorrow
34- Valentine´s day
35- In between
36- In pieces
37- The little things give you away

Sem contar com os remix e parcerias como Jay Z e Busta Rymes ( Não sei se é assim que se escreve ; )

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